Gum and Tooth Contouring in Silverado, AB

Most people think of teeth straightening and whitening when they think of cosmetic dentistry. However, there are many factors that affect your appearance and smile. How your gums and teeth are shaped is essential to the appearance of your smile. Our office offers gum and tooth contouring in Calgary, AB, to enhance your smile. Our office provides gum and tooth contouring near you to enhance your smile.

gums and tooth contouring near you

Gum and Tooth Contouring Near You

If you are not satisfied with how your teeth are shaped, do not worry! We provide various cosmetic dental procedures that can transform your teeth’ shape, including contouring and veneers. When you receive teeth contouring, we will polish a little bit of your enamel, and your tooth will be reshaped.

Your gums are essential in both your oral health and appearance. They protect your jaw and the roots of your teeth from bacteria. The colour, shape, consistency, and depth of gums will vary from person to person. Speak to our dentist about gum contouring if you are unhappy with how your gums look.

If you have any questions about receiving gum and tooth contouring near you, please contact us or schedule a consultation.

Visiting Our Dentist for Tooth Contouring in Silverado Near Somerset

Are you looking for gum and tooth contouring in Calgary, AB T2C 0T9 to alter how your gums are shaped? Our dentist will reshape your gums using laser surgery, radio-surgery, or scalpels.

Three Takeaways About Gum and Tooth Contouring

  • We provide gum and tooth contouring near you to enhance your smile by altering how your gums and teeth are shaped.
  • If you have a “gummy” smile, you can receive gum contouring. Several factors such as genetics, side effects of prescription, and health issues can cause a gummy smile.
  • The recovery period can be several weeks long depending on how much contouring was done and what techniques were used.

Are you looking to receive gum or tooth contouring near you? Contact our dental clinic in Calgary, AB T2C 0T9, today! We are happy to offer gum and tooth contouring in Silverado.