Root Canal Therapy in Silverado, AB

Root canals save severely decayed teeth from extractions. When you receive root canal therapy, the decay is removed, and your tooth is thoroughly cleaned before being sealed. Our office offers root canal therapy near you to eliminate your tooth pain. If you’re looking to receive root canal therapy in Silverado near Somerset, we offer root canal therapy near you.

root canal therapy near you

Root Canal Therapy Near You

Contrary to the belief, root canals aren’t actually painful. Our dentist is experienced in providing root canal therapy in Calgary, AB. Instead of inflicting pain, the purpose of root canal therapy is to eliminate the aches and pain caused by decay. We will provide you with local anesthesia prior to the procedure to ensure a painless procedure.

Frequent dental checkups allow your dentist to check for underlying dental issues. Some patients who require a root canal show no symptoms. Your dentist will identify decay in the early stages before it becomes problematic during checkups. Symptoms that indicate a root canal include swollen tender gums, severe toothaches, tooth discolouration, and increased tooth sensitivity.

Visiting Our Dentist for Root Canal Therapy in Silverado

If you are looking to receive root canal therapy in Calgary, AB, the first step is removing the decay from your tooth. Afterward, your dentist will thoroughly clean your tooth before resealing it. We will provide detailed instructions to ensure your recovery is as smooth and quick as possible. We will schedule a follow-up appointment after you have recovered to provide you with a dental crown to protect your tooth.

Two Key Points About Root Canal Therapy

  • Root canal therapy is not painful! Instead, it will eliminate the pain caused by decay.
  • You may feel discomfort and soreness after the anesthesia wears off. You can relieve the discomfort with ibuprofen, cold compresses, and ensuring your head is elevated.

Interested in receiving root canal therapy near you? Contact our Calgary dental clinic today to schedule a consultation!