VELscope Screening in Silverado, AB

Your dentist utilizes VELscope screening to identify abnormal lesions and tissues that may indicate oral cancer. Oral cancer can affect the lips, tongue, cheeks, throat, floor of the mouth, both palates, and sinuses. If the disease is detected early on, the five-year survival rate for pharynx cancer and oral cavity is 84%. That five-year survival rate drops to 65% when oral cancer is not detected until it has spread. If you are looking for a VELscope screening near you, we offer VELscope screening in Silverado.

velscope screening near you

VELscope Screening Near You

We provide VELscope screenings in Calgary, AB, to identify tissues and lesions indicating oral cancer in as little as two minutes. The VELscope technology has no side effects or pain.

The VELscope detects abnormal tissues with a blue light. Healthy tissues will appear bright green, while abnormal tissues appear dark when exposed to the blue light. This device is critical to detecting abnormal tissues. The differences between abnormal and healthy tissues are not visible to the naked eye alone.

We offer VELscope screenings in Calgary, AB T2X 0T9 to detect potential oral cancer concerns and bacterial growth. Your dentist will recommend improvements to your oral hygiene if bacteria growth or infections are found in your mouth.

VELscope screening enables dentists to detect oral cancer in the early stages before any physical signs are apparent. With early detection, your dentist can prevent the disease from spreading.

Visiting Our Dentist for VELscope Screening Near Somerset

Receiving a VELscope screening in Calgary, AB T2X 0T9 can help detect potential cancer concerns as well as fungal infections and bacterial growth. The presence of fungal infections or bacterial growth found with a VELscope screening will prompt your dentist to discuss the need to improve your oral hygiene habits.

VELscope screening contributes to early detection of oral cancer because it can identify abnormal tissues before any other symptoms or physical signs of oral cancer have developed. Early detection permits intervention before the disease has spread to adjacent or distant parts of the body when treatment is much more difficult and less effective.

Key Points About Velscope Screenings and Oral Cancer

  • VELscope screening is a very quick process! It is non-invasive and has no side effects.
  • Oral cancer is more common for patients over the age of forty. Factors such as prolonged sun exposure (and other forms of ultraviolet radiation), significant alcohol consumption, and smoking contribute to the risk of developing oral cancer.

If you are interested in receiving a VeLscope screening near you, contact our office today and a member of our team will give you additional information!